Luxury Hair Extensions

Luxury Hair Extensions: The Secret to Long Hair?

Some people spend years growing out their hair, and they spend hundreds of dollars on products to keep that hair in great condition. Along with this, they spend countless hours brushing it so that it doesn't turn into a horribly tangled mass. Most who have long hair, however, do not have the time, money, or patience for these types of regimens. How do they get beautiful long hair without so much work – and without spending years just waiting for their hair to grow in the first place?


​The answer is that they use luxury hair extensions. These are attached to much shorter hair, and can make that hair look long and luxurious. At Esteem Hair, we only use real human or “virgin” hair, which are made from hair that has not been pre-treated with any straighteners, curling products, or other chemicals. 

​Esteem Hair Luxury Hair Extensions come in a variety of textures and levels of curliness. This makes it easy to get the best ones for your intended styles. ​Typically,  hair extensions company will come in several versions of black. These can be left alone, or they can be bleached and then dyed to other colors. They can also be chemically treated to change their levels of curliness to meet the needs of a desired look.

How your hair will look with extensions is mostly up to you and the skill your stylist (or you) have at installing them. You can make your hair look naturally long, or you can make the extensions into striking colors that work great with daring and vivacious styles.