Cranial Prothesis Company

What is the Difference Between Affordable Wigs and Cranial Prosthesis?

At first glance, a cranial prosthesis company can seem the same as a wig company. In fact, the one company may sell both of these things. However, there are important differences between these two types of hairpieces.

Affordable wigs have tufts of hair that are often attached so that their knots are able to contact the wearer's scalp. Since they're made to fit anyone who buys the right size, they may also have a stretchy piece to fit the head. This allows them to work with many people despite variations in head shape. This works fine for those who are wearing the wig on top of a layer of short natural hair, because the user's hair provides a cushion between the scalp and the wig.

A cranial prosthesis, on the other hand, is made for people who have no hair at all. Since the hairpiece will be in direct contact with the scalp, special methods must be used to make it tolerable. First, it is made so that no knots or other rough surfaces exist on the scalp side. Second, it is custom-made to exactly fit the person. This eliminates both tightness and slippage. Finally, the material that contacts the scalp is a type that will work with sensitive skin, which those who have lost all of their hair often have.

Financially, there is another important difference between an affordable wig and the signature product of a cranial prosthesis company. That is that the prosthesis is often covered by medical insurance, while a regular wig is not. Because of this, you should always be sure to work with the cranial prosthesis company to get the insurance to pay if you are medically qualified for this product.