Cranial Prosthesis

How to Order Your Cranial Prosthesis

Call your Health Insurance Provider to get Pre-Approved. Confirm how much the insurance company will cover for your medical wig and complete any necessary forms.

Get an Rx from your doctor. The script must say “Cranial Hair Prosthesis”  or “Medical Hair” NOT “Wig” and have a Diagnosis Code.

Order your Cranial Prosthesis from Esteem Hair. Schedule a consultation with our Cranial Prosthesis Specialist to get measurements for your prosthesis and answer any of your questions. Consultations can be scheduled through our website.

File a Claim. Download and fill out Insurance Claim Form #1500. After your purchase will send a copy of your invoice through email, that will say “Cranial Hair Prosthesis” and list our Tax ID #, NPI # and billing HCPCS codes. Send proper documents to insurance company including:

  1. Rx from your doctor with diagnosis code  A9282, S8095 or 99199

  2. Invoice from Esteem Hair

  3. Completed insurance claim form  #1500

  4. Any other necessary documentation to your insurance company.

Additional items can be used to reinforce your claim:

  • Included photos of yourself with hair and without hair, or showing your medical condition

  • Include a letter from your employer/doctor explaining your medical issue and how a cranial prosthesis is important to you.