Alopecia Wigs

Where Can You Find Alopecia Wigs?

Alopecia, a condition which causes the loss of all hair, often drives those who have it to look for wigs. However, regular wigs can be irritating to the scalp if you have this condition. Therefore, you should look for special alopecia wigs instead.

Wigs used for alopecia are made so that there are no rough surfaces to contact your scalp. The hairs are embedded into the scalp piece, rather than being pushed all the way through and then knotted. This ensures that there'll be no abrasion to your skin from wearing the wig all day.

Custom-made alopecia wigs are also fitted to your head, rather than being made to fit a range of people. This ensures that they will neither chafe nor bind. They also won't fall off.

Companies that offer alopecia wigs for sale often sell other types of hair-related beauty products as well. For example, Esteem Luxury Hair Extensions has hair extensions as its most-developed product line. This makes sense because wigs of all sorts can be made of the same materials as the hair extensions.

Despite this, you won't find alopecia wigs for sale with a quick "click here" type of purchasing process. This is because of the customization involved. In order to ensure that you'll get the right fit, you'll need to contact the company directly. Then, instructions will be provided so that you can order with confidence.


Those with alopecia or any other condition that causes the total loss of head hair find that these special wigs, also known as cranial prosthesis, are well worth the extra effort. Since these are used to help with a medical condition, they can also be covered by health insurance. Be sure to check with your insurance company before ordering – they may be willing to pay for it!

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