About Us

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Esteem Hair is a online, women's business certified hair extensions & kids cranial prosthesis company, located in Massachusetts. After being diagnosed with Alopecia and growing up in a home with a mother who suffers from Alopecia, the founders Tiffany Fitz and Sheritta Coleburn, were inspired to build a business that not only had a high-quality product to support women who suffer from hair loss but promoted the empowerment of women and self-love.Esteem Hair looks forward to giving back to its community through community service projects and donating to local charities. Esteem Hair is more than just a company that sells hair extensions. 

Esteem Hair is dedicated to supporting families and their children on their journey of hair loss. Esteem Hair thrives to build the confidence of its customers, by providing natural hairstyles and textures that our customers had prior to their hair loss. Additionally, understanding that hair loss can impact someone both mentally and physically, Esteem Hair provides its customers the opportunity to be free of having their hair loss be a hindrance as they enjoy life and continue their daily routines.


Esteem Hair is on a mission to empower the future, one bundle at a time. Esteem Hair is more than just a company than a hair extensions company, It’s a company that cares, a company that gives back, and a company that empowers.